The Qualification of Wire

  • Temperature Resistance (Climate Change)
  • Cable Flexibility
  • RoHS (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances)
  • Low Smoke – Halogen Free
  • Flame Retardant , Fire Resistant
  • Non-Migration
  • Resist to Others substances

Plug Cord

  • Asian Standard

    Thai Standard (TIS)
    Singapore (Safety Mark)
    Malaysia (Sirim)
    Indonesia (SNI)
    Japan (PSE)
    China (CCC)
    Korea (KC)

  • European Standard

    IEC, VDE, United Kingdom, Italy ETC. 

  • Australian Standard

    Australia, NSW.

Thai Standard Switch & Socket

TIS 166-2549 | TIS 824-2551

Extension Cord

New Thai Standard Extension Cord (TIS 2432-2555)

Functional Extension Cord